Food Truck in Hyderabad, India

Hey folks! presenting you all, one of the best food trucks in Hyderabad. Do you want to know more about the unique and famous food truck in Hyderabad, India? Let’s get started swiftly!

Unique Food Truck in Hyderabad

Hyderabad has an amazing Indian street food and eating here is extremely satisfying and delicious.

With regards to food, there’s no disparity. Food that is healthy and tasty wakes up the soul. No! we can never disapprove of mouthwatering delightful food, our palates simply long for more and crave for that one extra quantity. What’s more, the most recent buzz or spotlight is on the very imaginative yet rewarding eatery on wheels, the food truck.

Famous Food Truck near you!

Chefnstuff Food Truck in Hyderabad, India is the best food truck in Hyderabad that serves the Indian and Telangana delicious and authentic cuisines with its motto that “Purity is our Priority”. And yes, giving you the after 8 snacks in the city with the lowest price possible and the highest amount of love packed. It serves around 30 varieties of Dosas and about 10 varieties of delicious and chef made creative Idlis with highest standards, utmost hygiene, and lip-smacking taste. Must try out one!

The unique selling proposition of Chefnstuff Food Truck is that, it serves 2 special dishes of Telangana where almost everyone from Telangana craves for those dishes and they are the so-called Sarva/Ginne Pindi and Sweet Corn and Masala Corn Gaarelu all for you and the taste that you never forget. I bet; you never find these cuisines in the whole Hyderabad.

We believe that, the customer satisfaction is our biggest asset and that’s all we need. Chefnstuff tastes the best in the town.

When: 4 P.M to 1 A.M

Where: Near Avasa Hotels, Hitech City, Hyderabad

Who: You can always reach or you can ring us at +91 779.496.1415

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