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Chefnstuff Dosa

Discover the lip smacking menu at Chefnstuff and satisfy your hunger with the authentic Indian and Telangana cuisines and that too at an affordable price!

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Masala Dosa

Butter Plain Dosa

Cheese Plain Dosa

Paneer Plain Dosa

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Baby Corn Cheese Dosa

Paneer Cheese Dosa

Sweet Corn Cheese Dosa

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Paneer Dosa

Paneer Baby Corn Dosa

Paneer Baby Corn Cheese

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Masala Cheese

Masala Paneer

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Butter Masala Dosa

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Butter Cheese Masala


Chefnstuff Menu

Idly (4 PCS)

Sambar Idly

Butter Idly

Paneer Idly

Tava Idly

Cheese Idly

Ghee Karam Idly

Podi Karam Idly